Restaurang Backstugan singboard

Neonita  company has made a neon signboard for Swedish restaurant Restaurang Backstugan.  This restaurant is remarkable, because it is located in the cinematographic district of Stockholm and is still popular among the cinematographic elite of the Kingdom of Sweden. It is worth mentioning, that this place was Greta Garbo’s one of the most favourite, where she had dinner every day.

The signboard consists of a sign “RESTAURANG BACKSTUGAN” and a logo pattern, mounted to a wooden board, processed in an antique style (2000mm*1200mm). Sign and logo are made of a 12 diameter neon tube, filled with argon, that glows green. At first, the foundation of the board went through 3D milling-letters and logo have been cut out, after that the whole foundation has been subjected to sandblasting for the emergence of wood texture. Then our specialists have been choosing  colour for the foundation of the signboard, so that it harmonizes with the facade of the restaurant. Quite a meticulous work has been done, considering, that the whole project has been calculated through photos and a business card, from which the logo of the restaurant has been taken.