Neonita produces visual lighting and non-lighting advertising on a truly professional level. We are on the visual advertising market since 1999. We have our own manufacturing of neon, as well as have enough power for the production of large advertisements. Specialists in design, electrics, electronics and advertising and design constructions work in our company.

Our general objective is providing visual advertising firms with:

  • all materials and components required for visual advertising professional lighting, its mounting and connection to power networks and automated systems (neon, LED-technologies, daylight lamps)
  • advertising components production out of various kinds of plastic, aluminum and other metals;
  • powder colouring, covering with vinyl films
  • visual advertising units mounting and connection within the object
  • warranty and post-warranty service for visual advertising objects

Our general principle

Keeping customer’s confidentiality conditions. In other words, your competitors will never get information on details of the project discussed, being in production process or created for you 3 years ago!

Technical requirements

We take any materials for processing, which are made using Macintosh or PC and represented in the following file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator™ — up to the version CS2 inclusive (*.ai, *.eps, *.pdf);
  • Macromedia FreeHand™ — up to the version MX inclusive:
  • CorelDraw™ — up to the version 11 inclusive

All the sketches have to be attached to a fixed scale, for example 1:1; 1:10; 1:20; 1:50, showing it obligatory. Please indicate also the overall sizes and the way of neon installation (Opened, body, luminescence direction – forward/backward/side), desired colors.