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Holiday decoration anniversary evening of LMT company

In a small hall of the Latvian National opera company LMT commemorated the 20 summer anniversary.

Signboards, among other things, have been developed for solemn event by the designer of evening thematic light with neon use. For three days experts of company Neonita Latvija have made both breadboard models and originals of four neon signboards.

The first signboard is an inscription “LMT20″ on a three-meter cloth, has been placed between two columns in a hall of the Latvian National opera. Second signboard of the same size is a musical line with two notes placed on it and a guitar, decorated a dance hall of anniversary evening of company LMT. And two others – image signboards with the compass and badge image “play”. Image of a compass has been placed with the wardrobe. .

The badge “PLAY” has been established under panel Dj’a in a dance hall.