RoadSpark N-SL Led Street Light

The ever increasing understanding of the environment and necessity of reducing energy consumption have caused a new “green” wave of street lighting solutions. Our luminaire is a combination of contemporary technology achievement and a robust and practical design, which improves street lighting.

RoadSpark luminaire is a controllable, dimmable product boasting industry leading energy performance characteristics, as well as overvoltage and temperature protection. The control system BLB7 is an intelligent ligting management system that allow to maintain energy efficiency of the lighting system without everyday intervention in it`s operation.

The principle of operation is based on interaction between the photosensor and astronomical clock which configures lighting intensity according to wishes of the client and external conditions. The simultaneous operation of luminaires is based on mutual synchronization of the luminaires through radio channel (RF).

The control system is able to operate in three regime:

  • The switching on and off in traditional way
  • Automatic self regulation of the system (by interaction between the photosensor and astromonical clock)
  • Mixed operation