Venice Biennale

These events are carried out for 105 years already —
it’s one of the most prestigious exhibition platform in the world

Visitors can see the latest works of artists from all over the world. At the 52nd international exhibition of arts in Venice Latvia is represented by the media artist and scenographer Gints Gabrans with his exposition called Paramirrors.

Company Neonita — and Oleg Slosman himself — developed some light systems for it in cooperation with Gints Gabrans. They were working for four months holding consultations with professor of Nuclear Physics Institute Elmars Blums. Also leading experts of Neonita in field of electronic systems were involved. Eventually three objects were created.

One of them is a polarizing mirror with the specific light source, possessing skin repair. Other object is mirror system «Parallel Space». Person or object being reflected in it disappears and appears again because of special polarizing filters and lighting system. The third one is a magneto-fluid light-projector which projects various light forms on a wall.