Illumination of Nora Bumbiere monument

It is six-meter sculpture established on the granite basis: curved steel threads support three maple leaves, cast of bronze. It seems that leaves fly from a tree to the symbolical fire in the basis of monument

Our company has executed all range of works, moving from development of the illumination project to final realization. Lamps and control systems are also developed by us.

In the red dome in the basis of monument and symbolizing fire, the LED modules programmed on the set scenario were installed. Thus, at daylight the «fire» seems pulsing and flickering light rises on bends of the central part in the dark.

Around the monument, in the earth, three directed LEDs are installed, allowing projecting light on twisted constructions of the monument. Additional lamp with warm white light is placed in the top part of a monument for illumination of the singer’s bas-relief.

Thus the Nora Bumbiere monument is «alive», changing design, performance — and light fills it with life.