Dynamic fountain lighting in Dzintari

For this project company Neonita Latvija provided delivery of especially bright multicolor LED lights. According to requirements of technical project in this installation there were used fountain lights with narrow but powerful light beam, which was provided by 9 radial installed 3 W LEDs on the base of High Power LED 700mA with special optic lens.

For the most part of contemporaries it is not secret that LEDs, operating them correctly, are considerably more economic and as a law more technologic than its halogen and metal-halide predecessors. The lights used in this project consume 27W each but due to special optic replaces 1kW halogen light, but for the operating life time it don’t have equivalent. If take into consideration that totally there are installed 90 lights in this fountain with 27W each it is not difficult to imagine the economic effect from using this technology – the fountain is operating 14 hours per day and will be preserved during winter period..