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RoadSpark™ slim is a durable and energy efficient street lighting solution. The basic setup allows for energy savings of up to 60%, while additional smart control units can increase the energy savings to 70%

The lamp utilizes CREE (USA) LED modules with nominal energy efficiency of up to 139 lm/W. LED optical efficiency stands at 94% and provides protection for LED and comes from LEDIL, a leading optics supplier (Finland). Durable body, sound power supply system and own proprietary control system (all produced in Latvia), along with advanced cooling system provide excellent longevity.

The body of the lamp is fluent and organically blends in with the environment.
The colour of the body, as well as its distinct horizontal line, come in variety of colours.

RoadSpark™ slim control system allows for automatic intensity control during night time (EKO mode). The parameters can be set-up at a distance by remote control. After all the parameters are remotely set, the lamp continues operating according to the parameters as a stand-alone unit.

Control system

*Switching on and off as well as setting the parameters of ECO-mode programmed according to customer’s requirement.
** Graph is for illustrative purposes only.

Control system parametersType of control system
 SLIMSLIM+ (no 2014 g.)
Types of parameters
Standard lighting intensity • •
EKO mode lighting intensity • •
EKO mode duration • •
System possibilities
Intensity spread of 10-100% • •
Distance programming of the lamp • •
Programming of lamps in batches  •
Grouping of lamps based on address  •
Parameters RoadSpark™ slim 
   RS40RS60  RS80RS120 
 1Power consumption (W) 406080120
 2 LED nominal efficiency (lm/W)139124115124
 3 BodyAluminium and plastics
 4 Radiator typePassive
 5 Protection class (IP/IK)IP66/IK09
 6 Power supply efficiency≥95%
 7 Power supply PFC≥97% 
 8 Lamp fitting on lamp postUniversal (14° / 28°)
 9 Advised mounting height (m)5 ÷ 76 ÷ 87 ÷ 98 ÷ 10
 10 Advised lamp distancing (m)20 ÷ 3025 ÷ 3530 ÷ 4030 ÷ 40
 11 Spectrum of the lamp (K)4500
 12 LED manufacturerCree
 13 Voltage spread (V)160 ÷ 265
 14 LED theoretical operation to L70+
 15 Manufacturer warranty (years)5
 16 Soſt startStart-up power: 20%; time to full power: 10s;
 17 Control systemIntensity control via local control system
 18 Exchangeable LED modules+
 19 Operational temperature (°C)from -30 to +30  
 20 Production countryLatvia (EU)
 21 CE declaration, RoHS +
 22 Dimensions (mm)650x133x352834x133x372
 23 Standard colour (body/line)RAL 7047 / black
Additional features (optional)
24 Increased operational temperature (°C)from -40 to +50
25 Colour tone for horizontal lineRAL code
26 Additional optics protection IK10
27Increased voltage spread (V)90 ÷ 300   

Code format

Standard parameters    
 LampPower (W) Control systemOptics
RS 40 SB
Additional features
 A S A A

A — required
N — not required



* Supplier may improve the specifications without prior notice. For final specification please consult the supplier or distributor.