RGB-DC83 Dream-Color Controller

Three Color RGB LED Controller with RF Remote Control & 12VDC Power Supply

The model RGB-DC83 controller is designed to be used with the SWDC-RGB series Light Strip. Control the sequence mode and speed of 83 different dynamic chasing patterns from the RF Remote Controller or directly on the RGB Controller unit. The Dream-Color systems controls each RGB LED in the strip independently.

RGB-DC83 Dream-Color Controller

  • Supply voltage: DC 12V
  • Product size: (L)94 Χ (W)59 Χ (H)26 mm
  • Maximum Drive Capacity: 510 LEDs (255 IC)
  • Net weight: 185g
  • Output: Two SPI Signals
  • Working Temperature: -20~60°C
  • Static power consumption: 2.2 Watt
 on-off ONNPower unit ON and OFF — Controller settings retained
when powered off
The LCD will Display IC Number when off - each IC
controls two RGB LEDs (see +/- description below)
Power must be off for +/- buttons to work
 mode fwdPlay/pause button, Pause to create Static colors, play to
start dynamic chasing pattern
  plusIncrease and Decrease IC Number - sets number of LEDs
in chase pattern (one IC = 2 RGB LEDs)
Example: Set IC Number 80 for model SWDC-RGB160
Light Strip (80 ICs = 160 RGB LEDs)
Power must be off for +/- buttons to work
Note: Can be set higher or lower than actual number of
LEDs in system for different effects
 bplus str1Select Next and Previous programs – 83 programs total
 splus str2Increases and Decreases dynamic chase patterns speeds
— 100 total steps
  • 1. VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for Controller is 12 Volts DC, do not exceed – Supply voltage for SWDC-RGB series Light Strips is 5 Volts DC — 12 Volts will destroy the LED Strip.
  • 2. Shorting output wires my cause damage to controller
  • 3. Always observe proper polarity when connecting power and load
  • 4. For indoor use only – this product is not waterproof or weatherproof
1All color wave forward direction43Change color red-purple-red center in
All color wave backward direction44 Change color red-yellow-red forward direction
All color center out wave45 Change color red-yellow-red backward direction
All color center in wave46 Change color red-yellow-red center out
Three color forward direction wave47 Change color red-yellow-red center in
Three color backward direction wave48 Change color red-green-red forward direction
Three color center out wave49 Change color red-green-red backward direction
Three color center in wave50 Change color red-green-red center out
Many color wave forward direction51 Change color red-green-red center in
10 Many color wave backward direction52 Change color red-blue-red forward direction
11 Many color wave center out53 Change color red-blue-red backward direction
12 Many color wave center in54 Change color red-blue-red center out
13 Six color trail forward direction55 Change color red-blue-red center in
14 Six color trail backward direction56 Change color green-cyan-green forward direction
15 Six color trail center out57 Change color green-cyan-green backward direction
16 Six color trail center in58 Change color green-cyan-green center out
17 Three base color trail forward direction59 Change color green-cyan-green center in
18 Three base color trail backward direction60 Change color green-blue-green forward direction
19 Three base color trail center out61 Change color green-blue-green backward direction
20 Three base color trail center in62 Change color green-blue-green center out
21 Six color instant change63 Change color green-blue-green center in
22 Three base color instant change64 Change color red-white-red forward direction
23 Three mixing color instant change65 Change color red-white-red backward direction
24 Six color instant change change forward direction66 Change color red-white-red center out
25 Six color instant change change backward direction67 Change color red-white-red center in
26 Six color instant change center out68 Change color green-white-green forward direction
27 Six color instant change center in69 Change color green-white-green backward direction
28 Three base color instant change forward direction70 Change color green-white-green center out
29 Three base color instant change backward direction71 Change color green-white-green center in
30 Three base color instant change center out72 Change color blue-white-blue forward direction
31Three base color instant change center in73 Change color blue-white-blue backward direction
32 Six color sequence forward direction74 Change color blue-white-blue center out
33 Six color sequence backward direction75 Six color fade in and fade out forward direction
34 Change color blue-white-blue center in76 Six color fade in and fade out backward direction
35 Three base color sequence backward direction77 Six color fade in and fade out backward direction
36 Six color sequence center out78 Six color fade in and fade out center out
37 Six color sequence center in79 Six color fade in and fade out center in
38 Three base color sequence center out80 Three color fade in and fade out forward direction
39 Three base color sequence center in81 Three color fade in and fade out backward direction
40 Change color red-purple-red forward direction82 Three base color fade in and fade out center out
41 Change color red-purple-red backward direction83 Three base color fade in and fade out center in
42  Change color red-purple-red center out  

Typical Wiring Schematic


Conformity with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC - Pb. Cd. Hg. Cr+6. PbDSs 6 substances complies to RoHS standard.