The building on the 13 Stabu street was built in 1907 (Arсhiteсt Vilhelms Hofmanis (1869-1945)). It is one of the few buildings of V. Hofmanis, built in the modern style. The building has exquisite shapes, its facade is decorated with numerous relief decorations and stone cladding.

The facade of the building has a large number of elements possible for light accents, allowing you to see the beauty of architecture also in the dark. To solve this problem, the most suitable light sources are linear fixtures with ellipse optics, which evenly illuminates relief decorations, stone cladding and other elements of the building. At the same time, linear fixtures minimally draws attention to the structural parts of the fixtures themselves.

Some of them highlight relief elements on the facade, others create two accent light belts that give visual completeness to the facade lighting.

The first belt runs along the connecting strip between the first and second floors, along the entire length of the facade. The second, final belt, passes under the eaves of the roof of the building.

The step entrance arch also has linear illumination.

The residual reflected light from the illumination lamps of the first belt creates a pleasant, inactive lighting of horizontal surfaces - steps of the entrance and the adjacent part of the sidewalk.

To continue the lighting composition in the upper part of the building, we accentuate the linear elements of relief elements located above the roof level.

All facade lights have a warm white color temperature of 3000K.

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