For the second year now, Neonita has been supporting RE RE RĪGA!

- The only international festival of street art, which takes place in the Baltic countries. The program includes a variety of forms of street art - a modern circus, music, dance performances, as well as street theater performances.

The purpose of the festival is to activate cultural processes in the city, developing a positively charged, creatively rich, socially attractive environment. The halls and squares of the House of Congresses, as well as the Esplanade, became the central venue for the festival. The symbol of the festival is the luminous letters RE RE - the development of NEONITA, which very accurately conveys the mood of the holiday! The wooden base and a large number of mounted bulbs (as many as 500 pieces!) are sincerity, creativity, simplicity and brightness.

Neonita is always happy to participate in creative projects, because light and art always go in the same direction.

14 Ritausmas street, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

+371 29 55 36 79

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