In Jelgava, in the park between Jāņa Asara Street and Lielo Street, the environment object Wheel of Time 100 created by sculptor Karlis Ile opens.

The “Wheel of Time 100” object consists of ten stylized images of people who hold stones on their heads that symbolize the years of the state’s existence. The human figures created from grinding stainless steel are engraved with the most significant events of each decade in the context of Jelgava history, and on the other side, everyone will see own reflection. The rays laid out of multi-colored pavers in the square, symbolize the chariot of time, which continues to move on.

For the light design of the object, Neonita used surface LED lights with the ability to programmatically control the color of the backlight.

14 Ritausmas street, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

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