The proposal for the competition to highlight the ski slopes in Bakuriani this time was received from Georgian company "SAXON" Ltd, which is our partner in the region. The project was announced by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia and the Development Fund "Gudauri". High-quality lighting of the ski slopes is an important and difficult task. Lighting should be intense and uniform, luminaries should be resistant to both low and high temperatures; and also they should have reliability in use, due to the complexity of repair works.

It's nice when the customer realizes that such work can be done qualitatively only by professionals, and in this case consumer goods do not fit. Distance from Latvia to Georgia did not stop the team of “” to win all three competitions from the customer. The job was done fully, starting from the ideological development completing with the full execution of the order, in close cooperation with the general contractor of the modernization of highway "Caucasus Supply" Ltd. Development of a new kind of unique LED street lamp SkiLight360 lasted two autumn months. This is a fully programmable, totally controlled LED lamp, it totally complies with all the stringent requirements, specifications and standards of lighting of the ski slopes. To date, this development is one of ultra progressive in Europe and there are no analogues of such level for sale. The main declared mass of street LED lamps, do not have the required capacity, reliability and quality of light distribution. For the execution of the first phase of the order - the lighting of the magnificent track "Didveli" (total length of the illuminated route is 1650 m) in Bakuriani - from Latvia to Georgia were sent 27 lighting sets. Each set included 1 master lamp and 2 decorative. The kit also included a set of automation, including central lighting control circuit. All sets have been tested in the technical lab of “” by our experienced design engineers.

In a very short time all the luminaries were installed by specialists of “Caucasus Supply”. Chief-installation and programming was realized by “” team. To date, the first phase of the project is completed and successfully put in commission. Unique luminary SkiLight360 has 5 year warranty, and the replacement of LED modules may become necessary at least after 15 years! The lamp is built with LEDs of “CREE” company, having a nominal light output 139 Lm/W. It is equipped with excellent optical lens PVC from the Finnish company “LEDIL”, with optical permeability of 94.4%!

The power supply from the company “MeanWell” perfectly match in all respects and reliably provide a stable and long-term work with maximum efficiency. provides full service support and does have a remote access to the lights system management via the Internet. As Kote Kadagidze, the general director of "Didveli" track, said, the ski resort is located in the stage of development. Now there were installed snow cannons and ultra modern LED lighting, which is used at most of modern European trails, and due to that innovation skiing here is now possible till the middle of April. Kote Kadagidze confirmed, that lamps illuminate the ski trail in polychromatic dynamic mode, luminaries are frost-resistant, easy to use and reliable. For the first time in history of Bakuriani, Didveli is illuminated at night, and thus skiing is available at any time. Innovative LED street lamp SkiLight360 is ideal for lighting of building grounds and sports grounds, parking lots and other large spaces. For more information about the specification of a unique design, contact experts of

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