All in all, it is presupposed to install about 1200- LED lights on the building facade with more than 2000 sq. m area. The installed lighting system is able to change light color and intensity and each lighter can be autonomously controlled by a special controller. The lighting design of this center is limited only by our fantasy, but our fantasy has no limits. Lighters themselves, installed on the center facade, are specially developed and constructed by our company exclusively for this project, in accordance with the architect's requirements. LED- lights are protected from corrosion and have a special built-in optics. Each light consumes only 3 W and altogether LED-lights consume the same amount of electricity as 2 electric kettles- 3.6 KW. It is a negligible portion of what is consumed by the whole Olympic Centre! LED light sources have a very lasting lifetime (50 000 hours at maximum load) and don't need additional maintenance for at least 10 years! After detailed processing of this project our experts have found a solution, that reduced the number of cables 4 times ( from 16 km to 4 km )! While installing the lighters and commutation no soldering is done, because all connections are made on waterproof connectors. This kind of approach has let us avoid about 6000 manual cable connections and if necessary easily allows us to replace any lighter without getting under the building's panel.

For the celebration of Daugavpils city day, the object of Olympic significance will acquire a complete form. Light design of the sport complex facade, developed and installed by Neonita Latvia company, in technology is comparable with lighting solutions of a prominent tourist complex Yas Hotel in Abu-Dhabi. In honor of the celebration, residents of the city will see a real light show. The object is remarkable with the fact, that the lamps, used for this project, were designed and constructed by engineers and technicians of Neonita.lv company specifically for the Olympic Centre. Light and color play give the design of this sports complex an organic and vivid form. Vast possibilities of light system programming allow us to demonstrate a few tens of light scenarios, that will give each event, that takes place in Multihalle sports complex, inimitable and unique shades of light.


Preparatory works were started in this year's April, installation on the object - from the beginning of June. At the moment all cables are distributed and 970 LED-lights are installed, the control system's and management program's setting is being done. When the builders are ready to provide scope of work, our team will finish the installation of other lighters almost simultaneously with the builders, for mounting works on the facade are done at the same time with the cladding of facade with aluminum panels.

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